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Bug Parade

There's only one thing that will makes all the bugs march together - food!

These are two poems for Easter weekend - one new one, called Happily Hoppily. And a favourite one from duck...duck...moose, My Bunny.


My Backwards Snore

Do you have a Snore under your bed? I do! He's fluffy and blue and he helps me have the best dreams! Except when he's sick...


If you like this poem, you can watch me act out My Backwards Snore on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube!

Bad Day

Sometimes you just have a bad day... Warning for parents - I say poop, bum and toot in this one!

Mud Pies

One of my favourite things to do in the spring is make mud pies in my outside play kitchen! You don't need much... some water, mud and a little imagination :)

My Tall Tales

With water molecules existing for billions of years, you can only imagine all the crazy adventures they have had! But I can tell you first hand...


If you're sick of being in lockdown, this one's for you!

Hootie Flies

Bravery can look different for everyone. Listen along, as Hootie plucks up the courage to try something new. 

bub in the tub

I've got three boys and they always need a bath... or sometimes, even a bit more!

3D poke-a-dot pop

It has been 8 years, it's 2021 and I'm back with three brand new poems that I hope you'll love!

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